A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are Dr. Hart, a young psychologist determined to work in mental hospital. Your lifelong dream is to help people in need, and this is where they await you. 

Your new job is not as easy as one might think - you will be faced with many challenges. Nothing is handed to you. Your patients' trust, will to cooperate, to even talk to you - everything depends on your ability to understand them and communicate with them. There will be times when you will find yourself lost, and confused. At these times, you have to remember to never lose hope - because the fate of your patients depends solely on your choices.

Your patients will only tell you a fraction of what you need to know - you have to figure everything out on your own. Will you know all about them before they reveal it to you? Or will you fail and lose their trust?

Four patients will be assigned to you, given your lack of experience. Each of them deals with a drastically different illness: 

  • Dissociative identity disorder (commonly known as split personality disorder)
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Schizophrenia
  • Panic disorder

Of course, you are allowed, and even encouraged, to focus on the one you communicate with best - make sure not to neglect the others, though...

  • Experience six routes with unique storylines,
  • Manage your time well - plan sessions with your patients,
  • Succeed as a psychologist - make the right choices while interacting with your patients,
  • Create bonds with your coworkers - use your breaks to interact with three side characters, who each offers their own side story,
  • Enjoy an original soundtrack and custom user interface,
  • Customize your character with a first name of your choice
  • View information about all characters you've met using a special menu, which updates every time you learn something new,
  • Adjust difficulty settings, 

The full game will have senstiive/disturbing content in it, and a list of content warnings is available at the start of the demo - however, these content warnings do not apply to the demo.


The current demo contains  4,453 dialogue blocks, 36,303 words and 191,057 characters, with  396 images and 9 musical tracks.

Reviews are greatly appreciated ~!

The game has a discord server! Feel free to join if you want to chat about the game or ask me (the developer) questions 

Absolution discord server ~


Here's an in-depth guide for the first day of gameplay (job interview), if you're having trouble with it: the guide in PDF (The same guide applies for the beginning of the full demo). If there's a need for it, I may write a guide for the whole demo. If you're having trouble, let me know - I'll get to work on writing it.

If you find bugs in the game/the game crashes, contact me via Discord, but make sure you have the newest version downloaded. I constantly try to fix whatever bugs come up.

Youtube let's plays of the game ~

Here's a playlist of all let's plays of the game currently on Youtube: Absolution Let's Plays

Install instructions

Make sure to check out the help menu for controls if this is your first Ren'py game!


Teaser build (Windows) 58 MB
Teaser build (Mac) 45 MB
Teaser build (Linux) 51 MB
Full DEMO (Windows) 127 MB
Full DEMO (Mac) 113 MB
Full DEMO (Linux) 114 MB

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Ah I'm really happy I tried the demo! It's really interesting so far and I really like it. My personal favorite is William so far :) I'm just excited to see what he'll be like once Dr.Hart makes him completely trust her. I can't wait for the final release of this game!

Thank you so much for the nice comment ~

I'm glad you like William, he seems to be the least popular of the four, which worried me a bit, since he's also my personal favorite.

Until the full game is released, feel free to follow my development blog on tumblr or join the discord server for updates.


I really enjoyed the demo, Michael is my absolute favorite!~ I think this game shows a lot of promise in both gameplay and storyline, and the demo alone has so much complexity-- I'm excited to see it develop further. The soundtrack in particular stood out to me as really impressive, it set the atmosphere well and honestly had me feeling tense more than once while playing. I've played a lot of horror games and that doesn't happen to me too often anymore, lol!

I do have a question, due to the (what I anticipate, considering the content warnings) sensitive nature of the game's content: do you have a sensitivity reader, or someone with experience regarding mental illness and hospitalization, to help with those aspects of the writing? I understand that this isn't necessarily supposed to be a hyper-realistic portrayal of a mental hospital, but I would be sad to see later portions of the game fall into unintentionally harmful stereotypes.

This game strikes me as a project that has a lot of love in it, I can't wait to see the end product!

Thank you for leaving a comment ~

Michael seems to be the fan favorite so far, and it honestly makes me quite happy, given the nature of his illness and his introduction. It's a miracle that the soundtrack seems to work so well, given my complete lack of knowledge on music, so it's very nice to hear that it serves its purpose.

The whole point of this game is to avoid negative stereotypes about mental illness - I have heard feedback regarding the later parts of the game that the sensitive issues are tackled well so far, at least until halfway through the game. 

I'm putting a lot of effort into the game, I really appreciate the feedback.

Amazing!! I'm really so happy to hear that n_n Thank you for working so hard!


Can't wait to destroy everyones life!


It's not going to be hard in this game.


as both a visnov addict and an aspiring psychologist, i'm really excited to see this get developed more!

I'm glad you enjoyed the demo ~

There's a lot more to come, and I'm just as excited to show it to you


Ah, a very nice game from what I've seen so far. It has alluring characters and an interesting plot. I hope to see more, and I can ascertain that I will definitely buy this once the full game is released!

Though I also read the recent development news; I hope you'll feel better soon! c;


Thank you so much ~

I'm glad someone actually reads these posts ^_^


The game looks exiting! The only thing that bothered me was text that blended with textbox and made it hard to read :( 
Is it possible to make it a few shades lighter?

I also have a question. Was MC's red colour scheme intentional? Wouldn't red be a bit agitating for patients from a practical point of view?

By the way, I was surprised that MC's template name wasn't Harleen.

I plan to make a small patch to the game that makes the text a little brighter, along with a few minor fixes soon, maybe even today. 

I don't know, I just thought it looked cool, honestly.

I didn't want to base her off of any 'psychologist stereotypes' in order not to associate her with them.


Hey, I drew you something for Halloween: https://navypinkdev.tumblr.com/post/188723626744/happy-halloween-everyone-i-thou...

(1 edit) (+1)

Wow she looks dope xD

I love that this is not a straight up Harleen cosplay but Harley Quinn inspired. 

Now I wonder what sort of villains could other characters be but that's probably falls into spoiler territory so I'll abstain from asking :)

I did have some ideas about the others, but yeah, some of them are spoilers. Maybe I'll draw someone else next year, who knows ~

It's also good to see you reply such a long time after your original comment. If you have a discord, consider joining the game's server - if you want to keep up with development news or just chat in general, it's pretty fun: https://discord.gg/wxrxGN3. It's always nice to see new faces there <3


As you know - I've beta tested this game. The potential for this to really be an in depth look at some complex and anxiety driving situations is high. I would absolutely recommend turning off the lights, turning up the volume, and getting sucked into the game! 

I wasn't sure if the game is scary in its current shape, but I guess I can't judge that. I'm glad you think it lives up to the 'horror' tag so far.

(And yes, it will get intentionally scary later on)


I really liked the demo and what you did with the interface. This game has such a unique atmosphere to it that really draws you in. Really excited to see how each character's story will unfold. Keep up the great work!

Thanks a lot~ 

Don't forget to join the discord sever! I'll gladly talk about the game there.


I absolutely adored the demo! I was pulled in with every complex character and dialogue, I cannot wait to see where this goes <3

Join the discord server, then. I'd love to hear your opinions of the characters and the story ~

the teaster was good ! i liked it !