Major demo update

Unexpectedly big DEMO UPDATE

A lot's happened in these past two days.

So the latest comment from mgurak sparked a discussion on the game's server and I had the chance to talk about the game with someone who suffers from PD, William's illness. And like I suspected, it was probably a misdiagnosis. So I decided to change it to GAD, a much more fitting illness for him. That obviously brought some changes to the dialogue and his file. 

Earlier that same day, I met a friend who played the game and she brought up two suggestions: one was to tell the player somehow what the affection indicators are supposed to mean, and the other was to tease the route-specific nightmares mechanic at the end of the demo. While the idea was a little controversial, I decided to give it a try - the ending of the demo is now a different dream sequence, which varies depending on your route. I hope this makes my plans for the game a little clearer and excites players for the full release.

What's new in this build?

  • changed William's diagnosis from PD to GAD, along with his file and every reference to it in-game,
  • added a new background - the front of the hospital building - in three alternative versions (day, sunset, night) and implemented it into a few scenes (I actually drew the whole building from the front - I might use it sometime, I don't know yet),
  • added new, proper epilogues to the demo, one for each route - that technically means 6 new dream sequences where the second dream with Jane used to be,
  • added a line to the tutorial shown before sessions that explains the affection indicator mechanic (the hearts that appear on-screen if you pick the right choice),
  • added a line to the first day of work that makes it clear that your notes won't be judged in any way,
  • adjusted the textbox - the cinematic one (so smaller, for dark backgrounds) now goes with more characters than just narration,
  • fixed bug that made one segment of a session on William's route silent and added music,
  • added one new track you couldn't hear in the demo before for the purpose of the dream sequence,
  • at the very end of the demo there's now a short message from me to explain things like the full game's release date, where to contact me, etc.

Good news: there's just a week left of the game being technically on-hold. Once that passes, I'll be back to making quick progress like I did in December.

3 hours later EDIT:

I received some concerning feedback from a tester - the current version works fine on my device, and there's a possibility she messed with the files before playing, but weird bugs are popping up. I'll update the game if anything is proven, but fair warning: this new version might have bugs, even though I tested it.


Full DEMO (Windows) 157 MB
Feb 02, 2020
Full DEMO (Mac) 142 MB
Feb 02, 2020
Full DEMO (Linux) 143 MB
Feb 02, 2020

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