Tom sprites UPDATE

New build, new Tom sprites.

What's new?

  • updated Tom's sprites (they bothered me for a while now),
  • updated Tom's and Julia's portraits in the character info screen (I didn't notice Julia was the old sprite, sorry!),

Development is still technically on hold (here), but I have to take breaks from working sometimes, and that's what it ends up being. I hope I can get back to the game soon.

On that note, I recently made Tom a theme song of sorts - it won't be in the game, it was something I did in my free time for fun. You can listen to it here:

And I've been working on one of the two nightmare sequences I need for Act II. It's pretty much done now (it took way shorter than I expected it to) and I'm only waiting for one asset - I have a friend who writes William's handwriting, so that's what I'll need to finish this thing. Things should be back to normal in February.


Full DEMO (Windows) 130 MB
Jan 25, 2020
Full DEMO (Mac) 115 MB
Jan 25, 2020
Full DEMO (Linux) 116 MB
Jan 25, 2020

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